Western Table Decoration

western table decoration

    table decoration
  • Any of many diverse articles placed on a dining table principally as ornament though some may have a secondary function

  • Living in or originating from the west, in particular Europe or the U.S

  • a film about life in the western United States during the period of exploration and development

  • Situated in the west, or directed toward or facing the west

  • (of a wind) Blowing from the west

  • relating to or characteristic of the western parts of the world or the West as opposed to the eastern or oriental parts; "the Western world"; "Western thought"; "Western thought"

  • a sandwich made from a western omelet



The days being nearly fulfilled when the Blessed Virgin must, according to the Law, present and redeem her firstborn in the Temple, 143143 The laws about ‘Purification’ and offerings after childbirth are in Lev. 12.4-8, and the ‘sanctification’ of the first-born is directed in Exod. 13.2 and Num. 3.13. (SB) all was prepared for the Holy Family’s journey first to the Temple and then to their home in Nazareth. On the evening of Sunday, December 30 th, the shepherds had been given everything left behind by Anna’s servants. The Cave of the Nativity, the side-cave, and Maraha’s grave were all completely swept out and emptied. Joseph left them all quite clean. In the night of Sunday, December 30 th, to Monday, December 31 st, I saw Joseph and Mary with the Child visiting the Cave of the Nativity once more and taking leave of that holy place. They spread out the kings’ carpet on Jesus’ birthplace, laid the Child on it and prayed, and finally laid it on the place where He had been circumcised, kneeling down in prayer there, too. At dawn on Monday, December 31 st, I saw the Blessed Virgin mount the donkey, which the old shepherds had brought to the cave all equipped for the journey. Joseph held the Child while she settled herself comfortably; then he laid Him in her lap. She sat sideways on the saddle with her feet on a rather high support, facing backwards. She held the Child on her lap wrapped in her big veil and looked down on Him with an expression of great happiness. There were only a few rugs and small bundles on the donkey. Mary sat between them. The shepherds accompanied them part of their way before taking a moving farewell of them. They did not take the way by which they had come, but went between the Cave of the Nativity and the grave of Maraha, round the east side of Bethlehem. Nobody noticed them.
[January 30 th:] This morning I saw them going very slowly on the short journey from Bethlehem to Jerusalem: they must have made many halts. At midday I saw them resting on benches round a fountain with a roof over it. I saw some women coming to the Blessed Virgin and bringing her jugs with balsam and small loaves of bread. The Blessed Virgin’s sacrifice for the Temple hung in a basket at the side of the donkey. This basket had three compartments, two of which were lined with something. These contained fruit. The third was of open wickerwork and a couple of doves could be seen in it. Towards evening I saw them enter a small house beside a large inn about a quarter of an hour from Jerusalem. This was kept by an old childless couple who welcomed them with particular affection. I now know why I mistook Anna’s companions yesterday for the people from an inn in Jerusalem: I had seen them stopping here with these good old people on their way to Bethlehem, when they had no doubt arranged about a lodging for the Blessed Virgin. The old couple were Essenes and related to Joanna Chuza. The husband was a gardener by trade, trimmed hedges, and was employed in work on the road.
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About seven o’clock in the evening I had a vision of the aged Simeon. He was a thin, very old man with a short beard. He was an ordinary priest, was married, and had three grown-up sons, the youngest of whom might have been about twenty. I saw Simeon, who lived close to the Temple, going through a narrow dark passage in the Temple walls into a small vaulted cell, built in the thickness of the wall. I saw nothing in this room but an opening through which one could look down into the Temple. I saw the aged Simeon kneeling here rapt in prayer. Then the appearance of an angel stood before him and warned him to take heed of the little child who should be first presented early next morning, for this was the Messiah for whom he had so long yearned. After he had seen Him, he would soon die. I saw this so plainly; the room was illuminated, and the holy old man was radiant with joy. Then I saw him going to his house and telling his wife with great joy what had been announced to him. After his wife had gone to bed, I saw Simeon betake himself to prayer again.
I never saw devout Israelites and their priests praying with such exaggerated gestures as the Jews today. I did, however, see them scou

western club report

western club report

I had lunch here one day because despite being in a mall it seemed like a unique place, and had a couple people playing live music. The decoration is high-class and semi-American... like most places here that try to decorate like a foreign country, it's hit or miss - but there were a lot of things in here that had to have actually come from America, or at least are very good copies. Those authentic things are mixed with unidentifiable decorations that may or may not be American and are not the kind of thing you'd normally see in the US, but to someone from Thailand I guess anything remotely related fits.

At a lot of restaurants here there's a menu placed out front that you can browse before deciding to go in or not, and if you look for more than a few seconds usually someone will come out and greet you and invite you to come in. That happened here, and the person who came out to greet me I didn't really notice because I was looking at the menu and I have grown accustomed to just smiling quickly when they come out... as I walked in I realized what I had gotten myself into. The waitress who came out to greet me turned out to be an unbelievable girl in a skimpy cowgirl outfit, and there were six or seven of them inside. The crowd was entirely middle aged Thai men for a while (I was there at an off-peak time) but some regular small groups of people and a couple of foreigners showed up later.

The live music was pretty good... a Thai guy and girl with acoustic guitars singing not necessarily what I would consider classic Western music, but certainly American country-western of some kind. The only song I recognized was "Horse With No Name" by America, but everything was in English. Their playing ultimately was a little bland... most of the songs sounded the same and not because the songs were similar, they just played them similarly. The guy's voice was pretty good, though; very similar to James Taylor with only a slight Thai accent.

There was a very, very small section of the menu with western food - this is mostly a Thai restaurant, which seemed contrary to the whole point of the place. I asked the girl who was taking my order what was good, and she didn't speak english very well so as she was struggling to converse with me another girl came by and also tried... and then another, and then another, so I had a bunch of girls surrounding me trying to talk to me in very broken english. Then the owner (I think) came over to help too, but he doesn't speak english very well either; I eventually ordered a couple of things and it was no problem, but kind of amusing.

This is the kind of place where they place drinks on a little tray next to your table, and the girls will come around constantly filling your glass for you so you buy more. I had a beer practically forced upon me and drank it very slowly because I don't really like beer... and eventually, literally every single girl in the place came by to ask if I wanted more.

Food and service were very good. I am not sure if I would go here again... I would take a foreign friend here maybe, because it's kind of a funny place and probably one of the better places to eat in this mall, but I probably wouldn't go again by myself.

western table decoration

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